3 Health Benefits Offered By Green Living

Since people first began moving to the cities, there have been signs of poor health. From the unclean air to the mental distress caused by living in an area that does not follow natural circadian rhythms, city life has taken a toll on the population. However, with the advent of green energy movements in these cities, people have begun to explore other areas of green living. Here we will explore three different ways that people who live in more natural environments, as compared to concrete jungles, are granted health benefits.


Lower Incidence Rate Of Illnesses

It does not take an extreme example such as Beijing to see that cities which thrive on fossil fuels inherently have a poorer air quality than places with a small population density. Living in these cities has increased the incidence rate of cancer, COPD, and other breathing disorders in a significant way over the last one hundred years. However, in cities that have started to adopt new methods of integrating green principles into their way of living, the incidence rate of these ailments are declining.

Green living in these cities is defined as having a higher presence of trees and naturally occurring plant life. This also means setting limits on the amount of smog that is released into the air by companies and vehicles alike. This is one of the most significant benefits offered by green living, and continues to become more prevalent around the world.

Reduced Risk Of Environmental Disaster

It is a sad fact of life for many areas that oil spills, train derailments, and holding container ruptures occur frequently enough that they do not cause surprise. Every time noxious chemicals are released into the air, the individual living in the area face significant health risks. For cities that have adopted green living strategies such as removing or disallowing these disasters waiting to happen, they have decreased the risk of environmental damage and exposure to dangerous chemicals.

Green Energy Means Clean Water

Another one of the ways that green living is good for your health is by providing cleaner drinking water. Many cities and suburban areas have been cracking down on industrial businesses that pose any danger to their water quality. Also, green areas have toughened the evaluations that determine whether water quality is sufficient. Where water may have been considered drinkable ten years ago, it is now considered to be unacceptable to many people. This approach to industrial policy shows that more places are making a conscious effort to improve health through green living.

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